API 2W Grade 50 Offshore Steel Plate

API 2W Grade 50 – Offshore Steel Plate

1.Structural Steel
Offshore Steel
EN10225:S355 | EN10225:S420 | EN10225:S460 | API 2H | API 2W
2.API 2W Grade 50 offshore steel used in oil platform construction. Thermo-mechanically rolled for extra strength and toughness, API 2W Grade 50 is a structural, offshore steel grade regulated by the American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS).
3.The material is used in the production of floating and rigid offshore oil and gas platforms. It is used commonly in intersections of the structure due to the material’s superior strength combined with good impact and fatigue resistance.
4.API 2W Grade 50 provides good toughness around the heat-affected zone (HAZ), so it is ideal for use in the welded joints of the construction.
5.The stringent chemical composition makes API 2W Grade 50 an excellent structural steel where resistance to fracture, vibration, or torque is required (as found in bridge construction).
6.The steel has arguably better welding characteristics than API 2H Grade 50 due to the material’s lower carbon content.
Key Features:
The structural, offshore grade for critical applications
The lower carbon content for improved weldability
Thermo-mechanically rolled for extra strength and toughness.
Good impact resistance in the heat-affected zone (HAZ)
Resistance to lamellar tearing
7.We supplies API 2W Grade 50 plates to clients on an international basis.
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