LR Grade DH36 Shipbuilding Steel

 LR Grade DH36 Shipbuilding Steel

1.Structural Steels

Shipbuilding Steel

AH36 | DH36 | EH36

2.Grade DH36 heavy plates for the shipbuidling industry. We supplies Grade DH36 to shipbuilders worldwide in accordance with the classification society of your choice and in accordance with ASTM A131:Part 4.

3.The material is available in heavy plates, surface treated plates and fabricated sections. The shipbuilding structural steel is used for the main structural build including the hull and superstructure. DH36 is suitable for new builds or refits and can be found in large bulk carriers, container ships and passenger liners.

4.Please refer to the technical information for Grade DH36 below…

Chemical Composition

Grade C Si Mn (min) P S Cr Mo Ni Cu Cb V
DH36 0.18 0.10/0.50 0.90/1.60 0.035 0.035 0.20 0.08 0.40 0.35 0.02/0.05 0.05/0.10

Note: Grain refining requirements apply to still this steel grade.

Values are % by mass – maximum value unless otherwise stated

Mechanical Properties

Grade Re Rm Elongation
A50mm A200mm
MPa MPa % %
DH36 355 490/620 22 19

5.Values are minimum unless otherwise stated

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