LR Grade EH36 Shipbuilding Steel

 Grade EH36 Shipbuilding Steel

1.Structural Steels

Shipbuilding Steel

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2.Grade EH36 shipbuilding steel available as heavy plates, sheets or pre–fabricated sections. Grade EH36 – We  are suppliers of high quality EH36 structural steel plate to the shipbuilding industry to specification ASTM A131: Part 4. We able to also offer compliance with classification society standards such as ones set by Lloyds Register.

3.The material is available as heavy plates or sheets and pre-fabricated steel sections. The steel can also be pre-treated. EH36 is widely used in the shipbuilding industry both in hull construction and in the superstructure itself.

4.Please refer to the technical information for Grade EH36 below…

Chemical Composition

Grade C Si Mn (min) P S Cr Mo Ni Cu Cb V
EH36 0.18 0.10/0.50 0.90/1.60 0.035 0.035 0.20 0.08 0.40 0.35 0.02/0.05 0.05/0.10

Note: Grain refining requirements apply to still this steel grade.

Values are % by mass – maximum value unless otherwise stated

Mechanical Properties

Grade Re Rm Elongation
A50mm A200mm
MPa MPa % %
EH36 355 490/620 22 19

5.Values are minimum unless otherwise stated

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