NK/K D40 Steel Plate For Shipbuilding

NK/K D40 Steel Plate For Shipbuilding

Unitedsteel Shipbuilding Plate factory is specialized in producing, exporting high quality LR    Classification Society Steel Plate, The main Grade is LR Grade A, Grade B, Grade D, Grade E, A32, A36, A40, D32, D36, D40, E32, E36, E40 and F32, F36, F40.


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  1. NK/K D40 Chemical Composition Max % for production analysis
NK/K D40 high Strength Chemical Composition
Grade The Element Max (%)
C Si Mn P S Al min N
NK/K D40 0.18 0.50 0.90-1.6 0.035 0.035 0.015  
Nb V Ti Cu Cr Ni Mo
0.02-0.05 0.05-0.10 0.02 0.35 0.2 0.4 0.08

Crack Sensitivity:  Pcm = (C+Si/30+Mn/20+Cu/20+Ni/60+Cr/20+Mo/15+V/10+5B)%
Carbon Equivalent:  Ceq = 【C+Mn/6+(Cr+Mo+V)/5+(Ni+Cu)/15】%

  1. NK/K D40 Mechanical Property
NK/K D40 high strength property
Grade Mechanical Property Charpy V Impact Test
Yield Tensile Elongation Degree Energy 1 Energy 2
Min Mpa Mpa Min  % -20 39 26
NK/K D40 390 510-650 20
Note: Energy 1 is transverse impact test, Energy 2 is longitudinal

  1. Size: Thickness 1mm to 600mm,

       Width: 1500mm to 4500mm

       Length: 10mm to 12000mm

       Max weight of each plate: 50 Tons.

  1. Delivery time: 25days or earlier.

  1. Payment Item: TT or LC.

  1. Quliay Promised: Third party inspection and factory inspection before delivery.

  1. Cutting service and pretreatment Service

Unitedsteel Shipbuilding Plate factory is specialized in high quality shipbuilding steel plate and stock steel plates. If you have any requirement for Shipbuilding Steel Material plate, please feel free to contact us.