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 MASTERARM 500 Armour Steel Plate

1.High Strength Low Alloy Steel

Armour Plate Steel

nm 400 | nm500

2.MASTERARM 500 is a ballistic steel plate engineered to protect against airborne missles and projectiles. nmM 500 is an armour plate steel which is more suitable for protection against projectile armaments i.e. kinetic energy impact resistance to types of airborne ballistics.

3.Available as heavy plates and cut sheets, the material is weldable using traditional welding methods though heat treatment is not recommended. The plates can be plasma or laser cut and are delivered in accordance with EN 10 021. The number of the designation denotes the average Brinell Hardness value for this material.

m\nm500 is a quenched hardenable steel with excellent high yield and tensile properties making it an ideal choice in the following applications…

4.Applications :

Walls, doors and window frames

Security vehicles and cars

Bank Counters and Bank Vaults

Military Vehicles & associative equipment

5.Chemical Composition :

Product Content %, max (cast analysis)
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo B
nm 500 0.32 0.70 1.50 0.020 0.015 1.00 2.00 0.70 0.005

6.Mechanical Properties :

Product Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation Hardness Impact Strength (longitudinal)
Rp0,2 MPa Rm MPa A5 % HB t °C Charpy V J
nm 500 1450 1650 7 480–560 –30 20

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