What is ASME SA516 Specification?

What is ASME SA516 Specificatio

1.Pressure Vessel Steel
ASME SA516 Grade 60 | ASME SA516 Grade 65 | ASME SA516 Grade 70
2.As a leading pressure vessel steel supplier, we export material to the ASME SA516 specification. The ASME SA516 specification is part of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). It is a standard that governs the use of carbon steel in weldable industrial boilers and pressure vessels.
3.The specification sets standards for pressure vessel and boiler quality steel in moderate and lower temperature service. Steel grades that come under this specification are recognized for certain characteristics, including excellent notch toughness and weldability. The material grades vary in performance, and such performance is dictated in part by the steel’s chemical composition.
4.As a stockholder and global supplier of high-quality pressure vessel carbon steel plate, We offer a range of ASME SA516 grades, which is the steel of choice for fabricators serving industry, especially in the oil, gas, and chemical supply markets.
5.We have three ASME SA516 grades available in stock, which are normally of western European origin unless you have more specific supply requirements, in which case we can source alternatives for you.
ASME SA516 – Available Grades
ASME SA516 Grade 60
ASME SA516 Grade 65
ASME SA516 Grade 70
HIC tested pressure vessel steel is commonly found in sour gas applications and is particularly suitable for the fabrication of pressure equipment where wet H2S can be a problem due to the long-term hydrogen sulfide presence. Other post-production tests can be performed on ASME SA516 either at the mill or by a third party testing house.
6.For more information about the ASME SA516 specification steel or to receive a competitive quotation, please contact us.