What is High Yield Steel EN 10025-6?

High Yield Steel EN 10025

1.High Strength Low Alloy Steel
High Yield Steel
EN 10025 PT6:2004 | EN 10149 PT2
2.We are experts in the supply of high yield steel for various applications where high tensile strength is critical. Our high yield steels are designed to work under incredible load stresses from heavy transporters to steel structures and mobile cranes. Steels of this type are also supplied as special offshore grades to the offshore industry.
3.Our structural grade material provides maximum strength (a minimum tensile strength of up to 1300 MPa), with good welding and bending properties.
4.High tensile steel is an ever-evolving technology with increasing demands for higher yield and lower weights. The crane and lifting industry is one such market which is driving this technology forward, and as a result, some of our steels have only become available on the market in the last couple of years.
5.High yield steel is an extremely cost-effective solution – for example, it will completely resolve the issues resulting from ‘over-engineered’ design projects as it will reduce the volume of steel material required without compromising quality or, indeed, safety. Certainly, in steel-framed buildings, such a cost reduction and simplification of design is a welcome feature.
The material can be supplied as heavy plates, fabricated sections, or sheets. Masteel UK Limited can supply high yield steel from stock on a global basis. Care should be taken to check the suitability when choosing high yield structural steel.
6.Specs with Links to Grades
EN 10025: Part 6: 2004
EN 10149: Part 2: 1996
7.For more information about our high yield steel range or to receive a competitive quotation for your project, please  contact us